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  • Jade Fernandez, District Nurse, x3312
  • Jesse Soto, Health Technician, x3581
  • Sandy Fry, LVN x3582
The Health Office is open from 7:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  Our registered nurse and health technician assist students who become ill or are injured during the school day.  The personnel in the health office will contact parents of a student regarding any health issues, will oversee students who take prescription medication, and will coordinate care with other medical professionals and staff.

By law, all prescription and non-prescription medication be left with the Health Technician. 

Students are to report to the Health Office to take prescribed doses.  A form must be filled out by a physician and the parent/guardian before medication is taken. These forms may be obtained in the Health Office and must be updated once a year.  The medication must be in the original labeled container and accompany the form to be stored and dispensed in the Health Office.  Medication taken during the school day is given by the Health Technician, or other designated school personnel, under the supervision of the School Nurse.  It is the student's responsibility to come to the Health Office to take their medication.  Some students may carry emergency medications (i.e., insulin, glucagons, Epi-pen and inhalers) with approval of the parents, physician and School Nurse  All medications must be taken home at the end of the school year.  Please direct any questions to the Health Technician.

What to do when a student is ill and needs to go home during the school day.

Students must report to the Health Office when they need to go home because of illness.  Students are not to contact their parents to pick them up before reporting to the Health Office.  The student must obtain a hall pass from their teacher before they will be admitted to the Health Office.  Contact will be made with the parent or guardian.  When permission is obtained from the parent or guardian for the student to leave campus, a pass will be given to leave school.  Students will need to go the Attendance Office for assistance if they need prompt attention and can't go back to class when the health office is closed for lunch break.

The student will be allowed to leave ONLY with permission from the people listed on the student's Emergency Card.  It is imperative that you have an updated emergency card on file and you list a trusted relative or friend, in the event we are not able to reach you during a medical situation.

What if it's necessary for a student to leave campus for a medical appointment?

When it is necessary for a student to leave campus for medical or dental appointments, they must first check out through the Attendance Office.  The parent or guardian may call the Attendance Office in advance for medical or dental appointments.  Students must bring in notes from their parents or doctor.

What happens if a student is kept in the Health Office for a class period or more?

If students need to be in the Health Office for any length of time, they will be put on an "excused absence list", designating the number of periods to be excused.  The original pass is returned to the teacher.  Important note: At the end of every school day, a list of the students who have been in the Health Office, who left the campus for an appointment, or who have gone home ill, will be given to the Attendance Office.  Parents do not need to call the Attendance Office to clear such absences.

What happens if a student has a doctor's note not to participate in PE or has an injury that prevents normal mobility on the campus?

If a student has a doctor's note not to participate in PE or has an injury that requires access to an elevator or more time to reach classes, the student needs to bring the original doctor's note to the Health Office staff.  The Health Office will notify teachers and other PVHS staff who will need to be aware of the situation.  A PVHS staff member may contact the doctor's office for clarification of the injury or situation.  Accident reports are also prepared in the Health Office.

All students in 10th grade, and students with Triennial IEP's, will have a vision and hearing screening.  If the student does not have vision insurance for follow up care, the school nurse may be able to help obtain vision care and glasses.