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Permission to Publish Student Photos

Permission to Publish Photographs of Students

Dear Parents/Guardians;

As part of your student's participation in a class or school activity, the school would like permission to post your student's photograph in the Santa Maria High School publications.

We will publish these photos only with your written permission. Please consider the following, then sign and return this form to your child's teacher.

SaintsNet Guidelines:

  • Published webpages may not include a child's phone number, street address or box number, or names of other family members;
  • Webpages may not include any information which indicates the physical location of a student at a given time other than attendance at a particular school or participation in school activities;
  • Webpages and photographs may not contain objectionable material or link directly or indirectly to objectionable material;
  • Webpages must conform to school board policies and established school guidelines.


Additionally, documents must be edited and approved by a referring teacher and the department head before publication.

Parent/Guardian Permission:

I grant ______________________________Relationship__________________permission to publish photographs on the World Wide Web as described above, including the following: (initial all that apply)

First Name:________________________________________________________________

Last Name:_____________________________________________ID#________________      


I do not grant ______________________________ permission to publish photographs as described above.




Referring Staff, please provide the following information:

Referring Staff signature:: ___________________________________Date_______________

  Department Head signature _________________________________Date______________

Proposed URL: ____________________________________________________________

Return this document to the referring teacher.