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Guidelines to Publish on the Internet

Guidelines for Composing Webpages for SaintsNet


This document outlines the conventions that must be followed when composing HTML documents that are to be published on the SaintsNet World Wide Web page. Questions, comments, or suggestions may be directed to Webmaster at


General Guidelines


Documents to be published on the SMHS Web page may be composed on Mac or Windows platforms using a standard editor (e.g. GoLive, DeamWeaver), text processor, or word processor that saves files as .html files or as standard ASCII (text) files. The use of an editor such as Adobe GoLive(Mac & PC) is strongly recommended for individuals who are learning to compose HTML documents. (FrontPage is discouraged as it is designed to use with a NT server. It poses problems when saving for the UNIX format required by the SaintsNet server.)


Pages may be easily designed with no HTML knowledge in both MS Word and PowerPoint. Simply design the page as you would like it to look, and click on "Save as Web Page".


Graphics may be composed in any program but must be submitted already converted to the .gif or .jpg format. It is good practice to place all of your graphics in a directory named "Images" within your own directory. (See Directory Structure below.)




File Names


File names should consist of a descriptive file name followed by a period (dot) followed by an appropriate extension.


Please follow these conventions on the following page when naming text files:

1. Never use upper case letters in file names

Incorrect: Patrick.html, patrick.HTML, Patrick.Html

Correct: patrick.html 

2. Never use spaces in file names

Incorrect: jane doe.html

Correct: janedoe.html, jane_doe.html, jane-doe.html, janed.html


3. Use only letters, numbers, underscores, or periods in file names

Incorrect: jane/doe.html, jane~doe.html

Correct: janedoe.html, jane_doe.html, janed.html



4. Never end a text file with anything other than .html

Incorrect: jane.html3, jane.homepage

Correct: jane3.html, janehome.html



Directory Structure


Material submitted for publication on the SaintsNet WWW server must adhere to the following directory structure.


As a staff member, you have access to your folder on the district web server. It can be accessed at http:/ Inside is your homepage. You may replace this page with one of your own by simply saving your new homepage as index.html. All pages that your would like to have showing on your web page should be in the <public_html> directory.



You can check your links by opening Internet Explorer or some other browser and then opening your file the Internet.


A URL (Uniform Resource Locator) written to reference that same file would look like this:





When you are ready to have your page published, please contact the Santa Maria High Webmaster at  Your page will be checked to make sure that everything works and then the link to your department's webpage on the SMHS Web Page.