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College and Career Center

College and Career Center

Kimberley Washington- College and Career Specialist

805-925-2567 ext. 3760



The Santa Maria High School College and Career Center, located in the MMLC Building (inside the Library), is here to provide students with information and resources to help them plan their future after high school.  Whether a student will attend a four year university, community college, join the military or enter the work force, we have helpful information.

The College and Career Center is equipped with computers so that students may apply for colleges, scholarships or employment.  In collaboration with the School Counselors, we continue to work on building a comprehensive college-going culture for all students.  Students are welcome to come to the College and Career Center during lunch or after school to utilize the resources, study or eat lunch.

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
7:45 am to 3:30 pm
(closed during holidays and school breaks)




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Work permits are processed in the College and  Career Center.  Here are important details you need to know about work permits:

  • Students need work permits if 1) they are enrolled in high school AND if 2) they are under 18 years old.  Once a student turns 18, they do not need a work permit, even if they are still in high school.  Once a student graduates from high school, they do not need a work permit, even if they are under the age 18 at the time of graduation.
  • Work permits can take up to 48 hours to process.  If a student turns in a work permit application before 11:00 am they will most likely be able to pick up the work permit during lunch or after school that same day.  If a student turns in a work permit application after 11:00 am, they will be able to pick up the work permit th next school day.
  • Students do not need a work permit to apply for a job - work permits are needed once a student has been hired.  Work permits are specific to the place of employment.
  • Before the Ms Washington receives the work permit application, it needs to have the folllowing sections completed:
      • Student and Parent form stating that student has and will maintain a 2.0 g.p.a.
      • Minor's information section
      • Parent signature
      • Employer information section and signature
  • The amount of hours a student can work is not decided on by the Career Center, but by the State of California.  A breakdown of the hours allowed, based on age is available in the Career Center.
  • The Work Permit Application Form (below) may be printed and then submitted to Ms. Washington electronically.  Please submit completed applications to Ms. Washington at  Ms. Washington will contact you to arrange pick up of your new Work Permit.


Work Permit Application Form (pg.1): Click Here

Work Permit Application Form (pg. 2):  Click Here