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Matthew Markstone Staff Photo

 I grew up right here in Santa Maria. I played baseball for 4 years here at Santa Maria High School, and graduated in 2004. After that I played fall baseball for Hancock College before focusing on my academics and transferring to Humboldt State University where I earned my BA in History. I then attended Chapman University where I earned my Teaching Credential in Social Science. I've taken classes, both history and education, from places such as UCLA and UCSB over the past five years in an attempt to keep myself current in both historical methods and educational practices. I have taken on a new role for the 2015/2016 school year that will move me out of the classroom and allow me to work with teachers and students in using technology to help them further their learning.



 I began working for SMJUHSD in 2008 as a substitute teacher and, eventually, a long-term sub in the Home Ec. Department. I was lucky enough to complete my student teaching here as well. I was hired full time in the fall of 2009 as a Social Science teacher, and I've been here ever since.