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School Pictures 2018-2019 School Year
Posted On:
Tuesday, June 19, 2018

                              School Pictures 


08/09/18 - 9th Grade:  

08:00am - 11:00am (Wilson Gym)

08/09/18 - 10th Grade: 

12:00pm - 2:45 pm (Wilson Gym)

08/10/18 - 11th Grade:

08:00am - 11:00am (Wilson Gym)

08/10/18 - 12th Grade:

12:00pm - 2:45pm (Wilson Gym)

Freshmen students will be receiving a new ID, previous students will need to use their current ID for the new school year. Schedules will be distributed to the sophomore, junior and senior students on picture day when presenting their current ID. If students do not bring their current ID card, they will need to pay $3.00 for a replacement. 

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